Kathryn Flodquist

Among other things, I am a coach, physical therapist and athlete.   I became a physical therapist because I loved the idea of helping people to get better, stronger and back to their normal daily lives and I still love my work.  I became a coach because I loved helping people be successful at a sport that I am very passionate about and which has so positively impacted my life.

Like almost any coach, I was an athlete first.  However, despite falling in love with triathlon at my first race back in 1998, the sport has not come easy to me.  I think that’s one of the reasons that it appeals to me.   I like that there is an almost never ending source of goals and challenges that I can set for myself, and I have learned so much along the way.

As I do with the things that I am most passionate about, I became a student of the sport.  I read as much as I could, and still do, and I hired a coach.  I continue to be coached and will be for as long as I do this sport because by picking the right person to guide me, I get a great mentor and I have access to someone who knows more than I do.  It’s one of the best ways to keep learning.

I’ve progressed through the sport, achieved age group and overall wins, and as I continue to challenge myself on a bigger stage, I’ve had to learn to balance my training with the other parts of my life.  This has given me a strong sense of what’s essential and most importantly, how to make it all fit.  I think this is some of the most valuable information that I can share.

In over 17 years as a physical therapist and a triathlete I’ve learned a massive amount about how the body moves, how to make it move better, how to train and race, how to recover, how to eat and how to make it all fit in my life.  I welcome the opportunity to pass this knowledge on!


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