Eagleman 70.3: 7th AG

Pat Griskus Sprint: 1st AG

Mossman Sprint: 1st AG

Litchfield Hills Oly: 1st AG

Niantic Sprint: 1st AG

AG Nationals Oly: 40th AG

AG Nationals Sprint: 15thAG

Toughman NY 1/2 IM: 4th AG

Several 1/2 marathon and 5k finishes


HITS Ocala half- Ironman: 4th AG

Rev3 Quassy Olympic: 3rd AG

Ironman CDA: 11th AG

Niantic Sprint Tri: 1st AG

Park City Mossman Olympic: 3rd female overall, 1st AG

Quassy Open Water Swim: 6th AG, 1st Wetsuit

Ironman Maryland: 11th AG

Numerous 5k finishes

Ironman Silver All World Athlete

USA Triathlon All American


Woodstock Olympic: 1st Female overall

Rev 3 Quassy Olympic: 5th AG

Mighty Mossman Half IM: 2nd AG

IM Mont Tremblant:

Quassy Open Water Swim 3 mile: 3rd Female overall

Hammerfest Sprint: 3rd AG

HITS Hunter Mountain Half IM: 3rd Female overall

Numerous 5k and half marathon finishes

USA Triathlon All American


HITS Hunter Mountain: Sprint 1st Female Overall

IM Mont Tremblant: 12th AG

Stamford Olympic: 1 AG

Rev 3 Quassy Half IM: 6th AG

New Jersey Devilman Sprint: 2nd AG

Texas IM 70.3: 6th AG

Numerous 5k and half marathon finishes

USA Triathlon Honorable Mention


Westchester Triathlon 4th AG

USAT Short Course Triathlon Nationals:

Rhode Island IM 70.3: 9th AG

Philadelphia Triathlon: 5th AG

Pat Griskus Olympic Triathlon: 4th AG

Shamrock Duathlon: 1st AG

American Zofingen Short Course Duathlon: 2nd AG

Numerous 5k and 10k finishes
USA Triathlon Honorable Mention

USA Duathlon Honorable Mention


Age Group Triathlon Short Course World Championships Budapest:

Age Group Duathlon Short Course World Championships Edinburgh:

NYC Triathlon: 8th AG

Rhode Island IM 70.3: 10th AG

Pat Griskus Sprint: 3rd Female Overall

Rev 3 Quassy Olympic: 4th AG

American Zofingen Duathlon Short Course: 1st AG

Duathlon Short Course Nationals:


4 time IM Lake Placid finishes

Multiple 70.3/ half Ironman finishes

Multiple Sprint and Olympic Distance triathlon finishes

Numerous 5k to Marathon finishes


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