I’ve been working with Kathryn since 2013. There are so many aspects of Kathryn’s coaching style that fits perfectly for me:

1.    Communication: She is easily accessible and responsive to last minute questions or requests for workout changes or adaptations in my ever-changing busy life.

2.    Understanding: She “gets” that training for a triathlon, any distance, is something that most of us need to fit into our lives, it’s not our only focus.

3.    Attitude: Kathryn’s attitude is beyond positive and supportive.  Your goals are of utmost important to her and her only goal is helping you reach them.

I wanted to work with a coach because I knew that putting together my own plan and following it would take a lot of time and energy. I wanted to put all of my energy towards executing the plan. In a collaborative style, Kathryn delivers me a weekly plan over the course of 9-12 months focused on one or more goals throughout the year.  Having the ability to put all of my energy and focus towards my workouts is worth every penny!

I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves a champion.  Kathryn is my champion.

Lynne T. (age 49)

I have been working with Kathryn for a couple of years.  We spend time talking about why I am working with her.  Something that is critically important. My priorities today are in order of importance

1 no injuries
2 finish the events we train for
3 training on days I can train integrated into my really busy life
4 have fun
5 speed only if it fits with the above
Kathryn nails it.  She provides me with unique plans, she is patient and works with me for lots of last minute changes.
I highly recommend working with Kathryn no matter what your goals may be.
I used Kathryn as my coach for my first Half Ironman distance Triathlon last year. I had only ever completed an olympic distance, so signing up for a big race like this was a bit daunting to me. I found her weekly exercise schedules were perfect for me. It was a gradual increase so I never felt like I was taxing my body too much. I felt like I got stronger very gradually, which was empowering. I completed the race feeling accomplished and physically very prepared.

Additionally Kathryn was always available by email or text for any questions or issues that came up for me. She was knowledgable and very nice to work with. I will use her again for my next tri!